His Initiatives


Village empowerment-A journey towards Adarsh Gram

Tata Trusts has conducted a Micro planning exercise in Vijayawada Parliamentary Constituency to understand the various challenges being faced in these 265 Gram Panchayats. As a part of the micro planning exercise, village developmental plans were developed for each of these Gram Panchayats by Tata Trusts in conjunction with various government departments and district administration. In order to implement these VDPs, Tata Trusts has decided to set up a Project Monitoring Unit in Vijayawada and set up multi thematic projects to develop these Gram Panchayats as Smart Villages.

Village Action committees have been developed at each gram Panchayat level to mobilise community action and responsibility, with the support of Tata Trusts. A Mandal coordinator has been appointed in each Mandal to develop convergence between district administration and village action committees.

With active participation from Village action committees, a successful tree plantation drive has been conducted on July xx, with around 15,000 saplings being planted as a part of the Vanam Manam drive organized by Hon’ble Chief Minister.