His Initiatives


Swachh Krishna

During the Micro planning exercise, TATA Trusts saw that one of the major causes for diseases in the 265 villages was open defecation. To make the villages Open Defecation Free (ODF), TATA Trusts launched Swachh Krishna Mission partnering with 3 NGOs- CPF, MARI and AGS, for rolling out the project all over the district. Baseline survey is being undertaken all over the district to know the exact no. of toilets to be constructed. Conducting Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS), Information Education and Communication (IEC) and Behavioural Change Communication (BCC) programmes for Demand Creation and making the beneficiaries use the toilets willingly. Constructing good quality toilets with community involvement in the process.


Number of NGO’s partnered


Construction Started (IHHLS)


Awareness campaigns initiated (GPs)


Baseline Survey Finished (GPs)


Baseline Survey Initiated (GPs)