In July 2018, Kesineni Nani moved a No Confidence Motion against the current Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, and the National Democratic Alliance for swindling the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh and not living up to the promises made to its people. In the Lok Sabha meeting held subsequently, several national and regional parties such as the Aam Aadmi Party, the Trinamool Congress, the CPI(M), and the Indian National Congress rallied support for Nani and the Telugu Desam party.

After the bifurcation of the erstwhile state in 2013, the two newly formed states, viz, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have major differences in their economic status. While Telangana still holds more revenue, the newly formed state, Andhra Pradesh, had to start afresh and rebuild its financial and political capital. Moreover, a loan of ₹1.3 lakh crore continues to exist for the latter.

The No Confidence motion, moved by Kesineni Nani, was continued by several members of the Telugu Desam Party who clearly stated the lack of efficiency of both the UPA and the NDA in implementing the AP Reorganisation Act 2014. The several unfulfilled promises that were highlighted in the Parliament were:

  1. Special Category Status (SCS)
  2. Allocation of funds to Andhra Pradesh

The motion strengthened the opposition and provided an unprecedented platform from where public concerns from across the nation were addressed. The motion was also very successful in highlighting the injustice done to Andhra Pradesh and the undelivered false promises of the BJP led Central Government.