Work in Constituency

Kesineni Nani’s efforts at bringing well-being and progress to the people in his constituency, Vijayawada, has shined up his image as an avid social worker and reformer. In a lot of instances, Nani has done those absolutely priceless services to his constituency, making him worthy of his fame as one of the very revered personalities in the region. His activities for Vijayawada include

Infrastructure Initiatives

Kesineni Nani encourages the want of the people living in the constituency to aspire for great infrastructures and pronounced constructions by instigating much-needed development projects. Let that be the enhancement of village infrastructure, creation of connecting bridges, or development of sewage systems, Kesineni Nani has made it all possible with his ambitious vision.

  • 24-Aug-2014

    Tata Trusts to develop 264 villages in Vijayawada

    The Tata Trusts, under an unprecedented project facilitated by the Honourable MP, set forth the planning and grassroots development of all the 265 villages in the Vijayawada Lok Sabha Parliame...

  • 30-Nov--0001

    Kesineni Nani's endeavours and contributions


    1. Construction of a flyover in the proximity of Kanaka Durga temple.

    2. Installing drinking water and sewage services in S.B.W.D.

    3. Building homes and drainage for ...

Socio Economic Initiatives

Factors like literacy,  employment and a social activation to match the constituency up with the global requirements of today, marks the Socio-Economic development of a state. MP Nani's several initiatives towards the development of the constituency with an intention to make it grow with current trends never stop. Here are a few:

  • 06-Oct-2016

    Village empowerment-A journey towards Adarsh Gram

    Tata Trusts has conducted a Micro planning exercise in Vijayawada Parliamentary Constituency to understand the vari...

  • 07-Oct-2016

    Internet Saathi Digital Revolution – One Saathi at a time

    Another key take-aways from the micro planning exercise has been the need to promote literacy. Internet Saathi is a...

  • 07-Oct-2016

    Swachh Krishna

    During the Micro planning exercise, TATA Trusts saw that one of the major causes for diseases in the 265 villages w...

  • 07-Oct-2016

    Aadhaar Enabled Fertiliser Distribution System

    Aadhar Enabled Fertilizer Distribution System (AeFDS) effectively monitors the distribution of fertilizers across t...

  • 07-Oct-2016

    Water Mission – Vijayawada Parliamentary Constituency

    Tata Trusts has signed a MOU with the Government of Andhra Pradesh on August 2015 for bringing various thematic sup...

  • 07-Oct-2016


    Realising that job-seekers, particularly those from low-income and socially backward families, are finding it chall...

  • 07-Oct-2016

    The Bamboo Mission

    In an effort to improve the financial position of the people in his constituency, the MP initiated measures for enc...

  • 07-Oct-2016

    Kondapalli Wood Craft Cluster

    With an aim to preserve an age-old handicraft and take the Kondapalli toy art to new global standards, the Honourab...

  • 07-Oct-2016

    Waste to Wealth – Recycling waste flowers

    In a first-of-its-kind initiative to deal with the burgeoning use and waste of flowers from markets, religious plac...

  • 11-Apr-2017

    A great healthy initiative

    An incredible initiative by the TDP government in Vijaywada was to make sure the needs were being met when the hono...

  • 11-Apr-2017

    Adoption of the Golla-mandala village

    The adoption of the Golla-mandala village by the MP in A. Konduru mandal, that belongs to the Vijayawada parliamentary constituency, is a promising...


The increased demands of rural development can be met by strategically planning growth. Owing to his constant presence and an affiliation to the the local people, MP Nani comprehends the potential techniques of rural advancement. This allows him to make use of the facilities made available by the government in an apt manner enabling implementation of promising operations.